Student Travel – What is it Like to Travel as a Student?

In the past many people have asked me how I have made it possible to travel while continuing my education. Well, let me tell you it has not been a simple task but definitely been completely rewarding. Since I was a kid, I dreamt of traveling the world meeting people and their culture, and now I can say that I have and continue to do so. But this time living permanently in Hawaii!

This all truly started as a freshman at Iowa State University in 2013. When I became obsessed with the possibility of using my summer semesters to do internships and volunteer research programs abroad. This world of student traveling was everything I could have hoped for as a kid! I knew I didn’t want to give up my career in science to travel but at the same time I did not want to be stuck with a regular job in a single place. So why not to do both? I knew I could find a loophole somewhere, and I did!

During that first semester, I applied to an internship in Wildlife Endocrinology at the Saint Louis Zoo. Soon after my application, I was accepted into the internship program and with only 18 years old I packed my things and left Iowa to stay in St. Louis, Missouri for 3 months. While I worked at the zoo I made the most of my time and also enrolled in a science course I needed to take at a local community college. Since I was enrolled at that particular college, I took advantage of Student Housing which was cheaper than paying for an apartment. And also easier to find than an apartment outside the university.

At the end of that summer, I was sure I wanted to pursue a career in Wildlife Reproductive Biology. And I knew, this path would bring me a lot of joy since you travel quite often.