Have you always wanted to visit or move to Hawaii but think it is too costly as a young student? Not affordable with your college budget? Well, I am here to tell you that it IS doable! Hawaii is what YOU make your experience to be, it can either be extremely expensive or reasonably cheap for a student like me.

Here, at Experience Wanderlust I will show you what I have learned in the past about traveling and how it has helped me to travel and live in O’ahu, Hawaii. As a young student trying to figure out a sustainable lifestyle I am living the dream! Come and see the fascinating wonders O’ahu has to offer and accomplish your own traveling goals!

What Benefits Do YOU Get From My Blog?

Learn how to plan your trip

How to prepare and save ahead of time

Saving Timeline

Buy cheap flights to Hawaii

How to pack for Hawaii

Where to stay in Hawaii

Best beaches in O’ahu

Best waterfalls in O’ahu

Low cost activities in O’ahu

Nightlife in Honolulu

Where to eat for a low price

Transportation in O’ahu

Meet People in Hawaii

How to find a Job in Honolulu

Research Opportunities in Hawaii

Student Traveling Programs

Paid Student Conferences Abroad

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   Including a personalized student travel plan including flights, accommodations and activities perfect just for YOU!