How to Pack for a Trip to Hawaii

Picture this scenario, imagine you are laying down on the sand somewhere in Hawaii, as you close your eyes you hear the waves as they approach the shore, you inhale deeply and smell the salty water while you feel the sun on your skin. So sad it’s a dream, right? Oh, you are right! You have actually purchased the trip of your dreams to Hawaii, what do you bring with you? I know when I go on beach vacation I cannot stop thinking about all the things I want to do once I arrive so it is important to pack perfectly!

Before flying to Hawaii, it is crucial you learn to pack lightly without forgetting the most important essentials for a beach vacation. As I have and currently live in the island, I know exactly what you need to make your trip go smoothly. Together, we will go over the entire process to pack the perfect suitcase and ensure you have an amazing time in paradise! There are 3 main steps to packing the ideal suitcase for a trip in Hawaii,  the first step is to prepare a list, the second is to organize and pack your items; and the third is to inspect your suitcase.

The first step, and most important, to packing your suitcase is to create a detailed packing list. For the first part of the list, think about previous beach trips you have taken in the past. You should plan to pack things such as your swimsuit, sandals, sunscreen and of course a ECO-FUSED waterproof phone cover. Look at the items I have bought below! 

Neutrogena sunscreen – sport face

It is 100% recommended to buy your sunscreen BEFORE arriving to Hawaii since it can be particularly expensive! I suggest you to buy Neutrogena sport face since with the humid weather your skin will get oily and clog your pores.

ECO-FUSED waterproof phone cover

This case is a MUST have if you want to bring your phone near the water, which is 90% of the things you will probably want to do once you get to Hawaii. This amazing cover protects phones from water damage and even sand from getting inside your phone. I personally love this cover since you can use it underwater to take photos and videos!I

Columbia Women’s Redmond Low Hiking Shoes

Proper hiking gear such as good hiking shoes are necessary in order to enjoy the beauties Hawaii has to offer. It is not recommended to go hiking (as easy as the hike might be) without good shoes. Personally I made this mistake the first time in Hawaii and regret it. These Columbia hiking shoes are PERFECT! They are lightweight, cozy and do not suffocate your foot after hours of walking. However, if you are looking for other hiking shoes I highly recommend waterproof shoes since there are a lot of waterfalls to visit.

For the second part of the list, consider items that you can’t live without. These are items you need on your daily life such as a toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner and soap. Purchase these toiletries in mini travel sizes (visual aids). Remember, do not to list items that will be provided at your destination. 

Now that you have bought your articles, it is time to begin organizing and packing. Start by diving them by categories such as clothes and liquids. Once divided, place your articles inside your suitcase. Pair outfits together and roll your clothes to maximize space. Then, utilize plastic storage bags to place the items together.

Review and double check your detailed list as you go through your suitcase. Check off each item on the list as you go so you don’t miss anything important.Take out of the suitcase items that occupy a lot of space and that are not as essential. If additional space is available add items you want to add.

luggage stuffing

Finally, after completing the 3 main steps, do not forget to always prepare a detailed list, organize and pack your items; and at the end make sure to inspect your suitcase. Now that you have learned this useful process and are set to embark in the best trip of your dreams, buckle up and enjoy Hawaii!