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 Paradise! The splendid Hawaii provides a bundle of enjoyment, romance, adventure, excitement, and an opportunity to explore your dreams. Enjoy a classy nightlife, lively culture, eye-catching beaches, splendid natural wonders and uncountable many other activities.  Here you can find information about how to find a cheap flight, airline companies, and airline miles.

Choose a quiet travel season:

Find the cheapest flights to Hawaii during the off-peak or quiet season. This occurs during the raining season between October and February. But avoid flying during some of the Holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s, and Thanksgiving. Travelers love to escape the cold during the holidays. Weather is always nice in Hawaii but if you are into surfing this is the perfect time of the year. Waves can get as big as 40 feet tall!

Compare costs to select an affordable price

There are so many websites for booking a ticket. I personally recommend using Google Flights as it compares all major airline companies without any bias such as Expedia or Kayak. This website allows you to compare ALL flight offers available and once a flight selected it redirects you to the airline company.  This makes the search easier and safer as you will pay for your flight directly through the airline company without any scams. If you do not compare, trust me when I say that you can easily end up paying too much. 

Airline miles

 Another important aspect to consider to spend less for your trips is earning miles. Miles earned when traveling can be used to buy other flight tickets, isn’t that great? Two major airline companies I recommend when traveling to Hawaii are: Hawaiian Airlines and American Airlines. All of which offer mileage rewards!

You can choose Hawaiian Airlines to enjoy your trip to any of the Hawaiian islands. Hawaiian Airlines offers attractive and reliable services to Hawaii from destinations in Asia, South Pacific, North America, and also every major Hawaiian Island. Hawaiian Airlines allows you to transfer miles to American Airlines which it is convenient when traveling through AA.

     On the other hand, American Airlines is my top choice due to being the only company that allows you to place on hold a flight without any cost. This is particularly important when searching for flights as you do not want to spend money in a ticket when the next day you might find a cheaper offer!

Choose a better airport offer

Be happy to know that, Hawaiian air, Island Air, and Mokulele Airlines offer reasonable, fast, and convenient intra-island flights. To find a cheap flight, it’s essential to compare airports and modify your vacation itinerary. It’s possible to get a better airport offer and save some of your budget money. When traveling to Oahu I recommend flying into the HNL (Daniel K. Inouye International Airport) for its convenience in taxi and Uber/Lyft services.

Advice to Remember

Look for flights 3 months in advance.
Search for incoming and return flight separately, often you find better prices.
Join an airline mileage program, earn points and FREE flights!

Hawaii can give you endless alluring moments with a magnificent experience. You just need to make a superb plan to enjoy a long time memorable holiday! If looking for more resources, please leave a comment below, share and visit my website Experience Wanderlust!


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