Bus Transportation System in O’ahu

The Oahu bus is a great way to get around the island if you opt not to get a car in O’ahu. The bus system is one of the best transit systems in the world and I can guarantee it will take you anywhere around the island! The bus is reliable to travel around the island, and getting to places in a reasonable amount of time. However, take extra time to coordinate a little more the farther you travel outside of Waikiki, and allow more time to get to your destinations, but you can let go of your stress and let the bus driver do all the work while you enjoy the view!

 Most Oahu buses arrive at the bus stops every 15 to 35 minutes. Some buses pass by once an hour on Sundays and on less traveled areas so it is good practice to check the schedule or ask the bus driver.  Also, remember to make sure to check when the last bus is scheduled for the route if you plan to stay out late.

To check a route, map a route through Google Maps or access www.thebus.org by clicking on the picture below.

Depending on how long your stay will be and your budget, select a bus pass that fits you. As a student you are eligible to obtain a U-Pass (reduced bus pass for students) through the following institutions:

If your university is not part of the U-Pass program, do not worry! It does not mean you cannot use it, but the cost of a bus pass will be higher. A one way bus pass costs $2.50 dollars and a daily bus pass costs $5.00 dollars. The one way and daily bus passes are purchased inside the bus. Another option is obtaining a monthly pass with unlimited uses for a price of $60.00 dollars. Purchase these at the following locations: